“I have always thought that sugar packets wouldn’t be only an envelope but also a vehicle of images, thoughts and words. An everyday life instrument of communication that can reach everyone everywhere with no limits”
Paolo Atti, World Sugar Meeting Cultural Association president.
Before the World Sugar Meeting was born there was an idea linked to the sugar packets: an object used by million of people everyday which could be much more than just an envelope.
In 2001 a small group of sugar-packets collectors (seven people) met in Cento (Ferrara). This was the first meeting of people sharing the same passion and form of collection. The eco of this meeting grew exponentially in the following years and arrived in France, Switzerland and Germany. In 2005 the small local meeting became an event which counted 60 collectors from 8 European countries and also Media and sponsors begun to show their interest.
2006 has been a crucial year because collectors start to come from United States to attend the event, now officially become the World Sugar Meeting. The increasing number of collectors attracted also the national media’s attention (radio shows as “Catterpillar” on Rai RadioDue, interview on Radio Montecarlo, and the TG3 Rai) and sponsors like Smart, Virgilio and  Fortitudo basketball.
The WSM became a registered mark and a website and it proceeds its natural evolution towards next editions.
The WSM and the USA adventure

November the 8th has been a fundamental day in the World Sugar Meeting history.
The World Sugar Meeting Cultural Association, born in Spring 2008, has flown to Seattle with a big challenge: bringing overseas ten years of hard work and the growth of an event that has gathered collectors from all over the world in its fourteen editions.
We can proudly affirm that the challenge has been won, also with the help and the passion of collectors and authorities who have trusted the communicative power of this small medium.
A big thank goes to the “Associazione Città e Siti Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO”, which support has enabled our Association to gain an importance that goes beyond the passion of collecting and reaches culture and history.

This success motivate our search for new challenges and new countries ready to host our big project with enthusiasm and passion.


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